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trousseau, Console, saba khan
foam, velvet, MDF backing, thread braid, cotton fabric, and ball pins.
16x6x29x37 inches
the grave, blasphemy, zia-ul-haq, saba khan
Dust, nylon mesh, and cotton threads
6x4x7 feet
Saba Khan
Base: MDF, painted with enamel paint with pasted glass beads. Top: Metal frame with sequins, thread, pearls, velvet, and polyester stuffing on fabric
Base: 6x6x3". Top: 5x3" aprox
Bad Prana, pins, beads, saba khan
Base: MDF with acrylic paint. Sculpture: Fabric with glass beads, pins, threads and polyester stuffing
Base: 8x6x10 inches. Sculpture: 8x3x0.5 inches