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Sharjah Art Biennial 15
Curatedby Hoor Al Qasimi
The Tide Country
Installation with Audio/Video

Pak Khawateen Painting Club [Good/Pakistani Women’s Painting Club] is a collective that
has an amoeba like structure that expands and contracts according to each expedition/project. Current collaboration includes Saulat Ajmal, Amna Hashmi, Saba Khan, and Zohreen Murtaza. Their practice investigates colossal hydrological engineering structures on the Indus River with transnational implications, including Indigenous
displacement, land salinisation and ecological decline. Deriving inspiration from the Indus, whose supernatural associations and folkloric traditions come to represent the organic forces their work centres, the group takes aim at the hypermasculinity of colonial
modernity. Dressed in uniforms based on a 1960s design by Pierre Cardin for Pakistan International Airlines hostesses, these women artists intrude on sites built and imagined by influential men to generate power and energy for the nation, subverting their
prescribed functions.